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PERFECT 100 Parker Points

Lots in the current auction catalogue with perfect 100 Robert Parker Wine Advocate Points

CLARENDON HILLS Astralis Syrah 2015
Syrah McLaren Vale
Estimate Per Bottle: 400-450

Rating: 100 points

The fitting capstone to what was a terrific vintage for Clarendon Hills, the 2015 Astralis Syrah is destined to become a McLaren Vale legend. Remarkably precise, complex and pristine aromas of anise, pepper, mint and blueberries lead the way. Theyre followed by a full-bodied yet impeccably ripe palate thats dense and concentrated yet supple, leading into a velvety, nearly endless finish. Wow.

Lot 6401 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $275
Lot 6411 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $275
Lot 6421 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $275
Lot 6431 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $275
Lot 6441 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $275
Lot 6451 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $275
Lot 6461 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $275
Lot 6471 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $275
Lot 6481 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $275
Lot 6491 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $275
Lot 6501 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $275
Lot 6511 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $275
Lot 6521 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $275
Lot 6531 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $269
Lot 6541 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268
Lot 6551 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268
Lot 6561 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268
Lot 6571 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268
Lot 6581 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268
Lot 6591 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268
Lot 6601 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268
Lot 6611 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268
Lot 6621 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268
Lot 6631 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268
Lot 6641 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268
Lot 6651 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268
Lot 6661 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268
Lot 6671 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268
Lot 6681 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268
Lot 6691 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268
Lot 6701 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268
Lot 6711 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268
Lot 6721 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268
Lot 6731 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268
Lot 6741 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268
Lot 6751 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268
Lot 6761 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268
Lot 6771 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268
Lot 6781 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268
Lot 6791 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268
Lot 6801 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268
Lot 6811 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268
Lot 6821 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268
Lot 6831 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268
Lot 6841 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268
Lot 6851 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268
Lot 6861 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268
Lot 6871 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268
Lot 6881 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $268

PENFOLDS Grange Shiraz 2008
Shiraz South Australia
Estimate Per Bottle: 900-950

Rating: 100 points

Very deep garnet-purple in color the 2008 Grange reveals a truly decadent nose with tons of spices, fruit cake and black & blue fruit compote notes along with nuances of chocolate and potpourri. The full and rich, multi-layered palate has a little oak still showing, it is going through a little bit of a structural stand-out stage, but it doesnt detract on the long and complex finish. It still needs a good few years to develop, though this very opulent, expressive Grange shows the very best of this vintage and the vineyards it hails from.

Lot 22881 BOTTLE Slight capsule damageCurrent Bid: $440
Lot 22891 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $610

PENFOLDS Grange Shiraz 2013
Shiraz South Australia
Estimate Per Bottle: 700-750

Rating: 100 points

Remember that old Heinz Ketchup “anticipation” ad from the 1970s? The palate of this 2013 Grange does just that. It makes you wait with so much delicious promise being drip fed into the mouth at first—and then it bursts forth and delivers!

Lot 22941 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $480
Lot 22951 BOTTLECurrent Bid: $480

PENFOLDS Grange Hermitage Shiraz 1976
Shiraz South Australia
Estimate Per Bottle: 2500-2600

Rating: 100 points

Production: 9,380 cases Blend: 89% Shiraz/11% Cabernet Sauvignon

Lot 23041 BOTTLE Mid shoulder, signs of past leaking, corroded capsuleCurrent Bid: $655

Estimate Per Bottle: 640-650

Rating: 100 points

I fussed over scoring this wine more than I'd like to admit—tasting through three samples under different conditions at various intervals and testing my impressions blind against wines in its peer group. Most importantly, I tasted this 2016 vintage against the 2015 vintage over and over again. I confess to a few nights of restless sleep as a result. Ultimately, my decision to award 100 points to the 2016 Solaia came on impulse and with the most natural sense of purpose. I had also given the 2015 vintage a perfect score, and intellectually, it seemed impossible not to pick a favorite among these two stunning expressions. I will also state, outright, that the wines are very different, principally because the 2015 vintage shows more overall opulence and sweetness that extends to the pronounced textural richness of the mouthfeel. The 2016 vintage, on the other hand, is more chiseled and sharp with mineral shadings of campfire ash and graphite at the rim of its dark fruit. The mouthfeel is more streamlined and tight at its core, suggesting that the wine will unfold and soften beautifully with time. I feel like 2015 is the Dolce & Gabbana of the situation and the 2016 is the Armani Privé. The personalities of the two wines are distinct, yet my admiration for each is identical.

Lot 40111 BOTTLE Ex-cellarCurrent Bid: $584
Lot 40121 BOTTLE Ex-cellarCurrent Bid: $584

CHATEAU HAUT BRION 1er Cru Classe 2015
1er Cru Classe Pessac Leognan
Estimate Per Bottle: 1300-1400

Rating: 100 points

A blend of 50% Merlot, 8% Cabernet Franc and 42% Cabernet Sauvignon, the medium to deep garnet-purple colored 2015 Haut-Brion is reticent to begin, languidly revealing crushed black cherries, ripe black plums and wild blueberries with sparks of cinnamon stick, cloves, nutmeg, espresso, unsmoked cigars, tapenade, crushed rocks and lavender. The full-bodied palate possesses wonderfully complementary contrasts of bold black and blue fruit richness and delicately nuanced cherry fruit, baking spices and floral accents, strutting ripe, finely pixelated tannins and seamless acidity that is placed firmly in the background, finishing very long and with plenty of attitude. This impeccably poised, exquisitely perfumed 2015 Haut-Brion possesses the most alluring yet seemingly effortless beauty. While it bears only a passing resemblance in its opulent personality to the now legendary 1989, like that vintage the 2015 cannot fail to hedonically satiate and intellectually edify all lovers of great Bordeaux who drink it. What’s more, it also has the blue-blooded tenaciousness to remain this jaw-droppingly impressive, throughout its many guises over time, and for a very, very long time.

Lot 53171 BOTTLE Ex-cellarCurrent Bid: $1149
Lot 53181 BOTTLE Ex-cellarCurrent Bid: $1149

Cru Classe Graves
Estimate Per Bottle: 1300-1350

Rating: 100 points

The 2009 was not part of this vertical tasting, so I am repeating the tasting note published in issue #199 of The Wine Advocate from a tasting done in January, 2012.

Lot 53421 BOTTLE Ex-cellarCurrent Bid: $1289

1er Cru Classe Pauillac
Estimate Per Bottle: 3800-4000

Rating: 100 points

This wine remains one of the legends of Bordeaux. It has thrown off the backward, youthful style that existed during its first 25 years of life, and over the last 4-5 years has developed such secondary nuances as cedar and spice box. The creme de cassis, underlying floral note, full-bodied power, extraordinary purity, multilayered texture, and finish of over a minute are a showcase for what this Chateau accomplished in 1982. The wine is still amazingly youthful, vibrant, and pure. It appears capable of remaining fruity and vibrant in 2082! Thank God it is beginning to budge, as I would like to drink most of my supply before I kick the bucket. This is a great, still youthful wine, and, on occasion, one does understand the hierarchy of Bordeaux chateaux when you see the complexity and brilliance of this first-growth. Anticipated maturity: 2015-2050+ Release price: ($350.00/case)

Lot 54111 BOTTLE Slight label damageCurrent Bid: $1600